TIP#1. Enjoy the magic of crowdless Prague Castle and eat breakfast in the Secret Garden.

Prague is so beautiful when it’s not crowded! It happens during summer only early morning or after 8PM. We definitely recommend the morning light, which adds a breathtaking magic to the city. And so does the emptiness. It is how local people know Prague and enjoys it. It is definitely worth to wake up early even if you are not a morning bird!

Our walk ends up in a beautiful place, the Secret Garden, just a few steps next to the Charles bridge. Their amazing homemade food, especially their cakes, is a perfect end to this morning glory journey.

Your journey starts at 6 AM (I know! So early! It´s worth it!) by hopping on tram Nr. 22. Your destination is “Pohořelec” station. Use “Public transport journey planner” here or mobile app DPP Prague Public Transport. Just add the name of the street where you are right now and you´ll find out exactly how to get to “Pohořelec”. Or any place in Prague.

When you get to Pohořelec, walk downhill towards Prague Castle. Definitely stop by Czernin Palace (Černínský palác) and Loreta on your way. The Prague Castle is open from 6 AM.

The way from Pohořelec to Prague Castle. Click here for Google maps navigation.

When you are done admiring the beauty of St. Vitus Cathedral (Katedrála Svátého Víta), Golden lane (Zlatá ulička), the Royal Gardens, St. George’s Basilica, and the Old Royal Palace and the views on Prague rooftops, continue down to Nerudova street, Malostranské náměstí and just before you step on Charles bridge, turn left to Míšeňská. Secret Garden will be on your left hand. The same street is full of off beaten path places and shops with original gifts, definitely worth to visit. For example http://www.dogumi.cz/.

Your final destination is The Secret Garden, Míšeňská 10. See the map below or click here for Google maps navigation.

Looking for more ideas or a local friend to guide you? Contact us at manage@beprague.com. 

Did you like it? Please, let us know! You can easily comment it under the post. Even better, share your photos at Instagram and add #bepraguebucketlist as a hashtag. Thank you so much! 

k secret garden
The way from Prague Castle to the Secret Garden or click here for Google maps navigation.

28379792_1642374329144388_7226034425646008986_nSecret Garden at Míšeňská 10


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