TIP#2. Rent a paddle boat on the river Vltava and get the best photos of the city.

We love to relax and hang out around the river Vltava, especially at the river in paddle or motor boats. Why? It´s fun!  If you take your better half with you and a bottle of nice wine, it can be pretty much romantic too. But most importantly the city of Prague is stunningly beautiful from the river. There are views which you can admire only from the river. The best time for enjoying the Vltava is in the morning since it’s not crowded, but evenings are great too, especially due to the fantastic atmosphere.

There is a lot of paddle boat rentals around the Vltava, but we would like to recommend to you two best ones. Both have the same owner, unfortunately, their websites are not in English – Půjčovna lodiček

“Půjčovna lodiček” in the City centre – I have to admit, it is a little bit more touristy, but it is also the best place if you want to get great pictures of Prague castle, Charles Bridge, Kampa or National theatre. You can even buy a drink from bigger boats around, let the staff explain to you the details. The stairs down to the river are just next to the tram station “Národní divadlo” (use “Public transport journey planner” here or mobile app DPP Prague Public Transport), 200 m from the Charles bridge direction National Theatre and 100 m from National theatre.  You can make a reservation at +(420) 737 999 997. More at www.facebook.com/pujcovnalodicek. See the map below or click here for Google maps navigation

mapa centrum
The way from Charles Bridge


“Půjčovna lodiček” at Smíchov – that is a great choice if you want to discover local life around the river and admire non-touristy parts of Prague like Vyšehrad, cubistic villas at Rašínovo nábřeží or strangely beautiful iron train bridge (Železniční most). This rental place is renting also motor boats, which is much better than paddle boats and you can cover a larger area.

To get there, you have to use public transportation. You have to get to the bus and tram station “Lihovar”, to find the best itinerary use “Public transport journey planner” here or mobile app DPP Prague Public Transport. Of course, you can walk there from anywhere, Prague is small! Form the “Lihovar” station cross the street “Strakonická” direction the river a than follow the map below or click here for Google maps navigation. You can make a reservation at +(420) 737 999 997. More at www.facebook.com/pujcovnalodicek

The way from bus/tram station

Looking for more ideas or a local friend to guide you? Contact us at manage@beprague.com.

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