TIP#3. Explore non-touristy spots of Prague with “Prague Alternative Tour” guides.

Prague is not only the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge, there is a lot more to explore! You should definitely discover Prague through the eyes of locals, get off the beaten path, understand how Czech society has changed after communism fell or enjoy hidden hipster, artsy cafes, where Czech designers present their work. Guys from “Prague Alternative Tour” are the best to guide you through Prague’s most vibrant non-touristy neighbourhoods and attractive community hotspots in Prague. With them, you will learn about the local subcultures and art communities too. Those guys are so good that even local people are joining their tours around the home city to discover the hottest spots in Prague!

Looking for more ideas or a local friend to guide you? Contact us at manage@beprague.com.

Did you like it? Please, let us know! You can easily comment it under the post. Even better, share your photos at Instagram and add #bepraguebucketlist as a hashtag. Thank you so much!


Are you interested? Either continue to their websites http://alternative-prague.com/en/tour/alternative-prague-tour–4  and buy the tour online or just come to the meeting point and you can pay in cash on the spot. The tour takes about 2,5 hour and the price for an adult is 500 Kč.

The meeting is every Tu, We, Fr, Sa, Su at 1:30 PM at Powder Tower (Prašná brána) near Náměstí Republiky, see the map below or click here to get to Google maps navigation. You will recognise them by a black umbrella, see the pictures below the map.

mapa powerde





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