TIP#4. Have a dinner under the trees at Na Slamníku, the local gem of a restaurant.

Local pub “Na Slamník” is a real Prague legend since the 1960s and it is tucked away in a small valley in Bubeneč, just behind the Russian embassy (beautiful villa worth to see) and maximum 30-minute walk from the Prague Castle.  It´s homey and neighbourly atmosphere is unforgettable and so is the food. It is a place where you will get the best of Czech food and it tastes like the food from our grandmother´s. They are serving very good beer from a local brewery Unětice, produced near Prague.

If you never tasted our traditional Czech food “Svíčková”, definitely go for it! It is a totally unique dish and purely Czech – not borrowed or influenced by other countries. Beef sirloin is paired with bread dumplings in a vegetable gravy (typically made with herbs and root veggies like carrots, celeriac, parsley root) and topped with cranberry sauce, a slice of lemon, and cream. It might sound strange, but you will be happily surprised by the taste – a pleasing mix of creamy, sweet, salty and meaty. For dessert try one of the home-made cakes or “buchta” (on the picture below) or “Tvarohové koblížky” – there is no translation for that, but let´s say a cheese doughnut with vanilla sauce and hazelnuts. Let the food speak for itself! Dinner for one – appetizer or soup, main dish, beer and dessert is about 500 CZK (about 20 EUR or 24 USD).


Besides great food, “Na Slamníku” is well known for its concerts of Czech musicians trying to get famous and some of today’s big Czech bands have begun their fame at Slamník.

Dinner at Na Slamníku is a perfect ending to a walk around Letná, see our TIP#5.

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How to get there:

  • Walk from the Prague Castle or Letná (TIP#5). It’s about 30 minutes walk and it´s worth it (especially in the summer), see the maps below or click below to get to Google maps navigation.
  • Use public transportation – get to Hradčanská metro station or to Sibiřské náměstí with the bus and use a Google maps from there. Plan your trip by public transportation here, you don´t have to know the name of the closest station to your location, just add the name of the street you find yourself at. You can use also a mobile app DPP Prague Public Transport
maoa hrad
Walk from the Prague Castle
mapa z letne
Walk from the Letná



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