TIP#5. Enjoy 360 view of Prague from a rooftop at Letná and explore the Prague Metronome.

Letná park at the top of the hill above the “Čechuv most (bridge)” will sweep you off your feet with fabulous views of Prague, the nicest beer garden in town, unique local atmosphere and a happy, friendly and neighbourly feel.

Especially the view from the rooftop of the National Agricultural Museum is one of a kind! The is no other place in town with a perfect bird’s-eye view of Prague. True, you have to buy an entry ticket to the Museum, but it is only 110 CZK (about 4 Euros) and you can access all exhibition parts of the museum. Not many people know about this hidden gem of a viewpoint. It is also a perfect place to start your journey around Letná!

Next stop is a beer garden at “Letenský zámeček” with a great view from another perspective. Have a beer here and relax a little bit!


Letná has a rich history: during the communism times, an enormous statue of Stalin was overlooking the Prague. Today you can admire a giant Metronome built in 1991. Also, in 1996 the statue of Michael Jackson replaced it for short time. Metronome is another perfect place to immerse into the view of the Old Town, admire local skaters or relax at Stalin Containall, a culture centre full of live music, theatre performances or sports events under the sky.



After walking around Letná, you might welcome a dinner under the trees and eat good Czech food at Na Slamníku, see our TIP#4 

Looking for more ideas or a local friend to guide you? Contact us at manage@beprague.com.

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How to get there:

  • Take a tram to the “Letenské náměstí” station (use “Public transport journey planner” here or mobile app DPP Prague Public Transport). From Letenské náměstí go to the National Agriculture Museum (open every day except Monday from 9:00 to 17:00) for the rooftop view, next Beer Garden at Letenský zámeček, than Metronome and walk down the hill to the city centre direction Staroměstské náměstí (Oldtown square). See the map below or click here for Google maps navigation.


  • You can also start at Staroměstké náměstí, continue uphill to the Metronome, next visit the Beer Garden and the last the rooftop view from the National Agriculture Museum (open every day except Monday from 9:00 to 17:00). See the map below or click here for Google maps navigation.




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