TIP#1. Enjoy the magic of crowdless Prague Castle and eat breakfast in the Secret Garden.

Prague is so beautiful when it's not crowded! It happens during summer only early morning or after 8PM. We definitely recommend the morning light, which adds a breathtaking magic to the city. And so does the emptiness. It is how local people know Prague and enjoys it. It is definitely worth to wake up early... Continue Reading →

TIP#2. Rent a paddle boat on the river Vltava and get the best photos of the city.

We love to relax and hang out around the river Vltava, especially at the river in paddle or motor boats. Why? It´s fun!  If you take your better half with you and a bottle of nice wine, it can be pretty much romantic too. But most importantly the city of Prague is stunningly beautiful from... Continue Reading →

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